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  • Corporate shoots

  • Event coverage

  • Product shoots

  • Video commercials

  • Portfolio 

  •  Wedding & Pre weddings

  • Destination shoots

  • Etc


  • Youtube marketing

  • Whatsapp marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Online reputation management

  • Social media campaign design

  • Creating brand awareness and remembrance value.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter promotion and ad design


  • Brand identity

  • Logo & Stationary designs

  • Print designs

  • Brand kit

  • ID cards, visiting cards, etc

  • Creating Awareness 

  • Creative Design references

  • Brand research

3D & VFX

  • Interior 3D design

  • 3D architecture Visualization

  • Product Visualization

  • Ad & short stories production

  • 2d animation

  • VFX composition

  • Realtime visualization

  • 3D Mockups

  • Motion graphics

Website, SEO & Google ads

  • Website design & Development

  • SEO, Search engine marketing

  • UI & UX design

  • Software & app development

  • E-commerce Website

  • Updating/debugging current websites

  • Google adverts & google analytics

  • Google adverts campaign design & management

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At Confirar Media, we're not your typical marketing agency. We're not going to bore you with industry jargon or talk at you for hours about "synergistic solutions" or "collaborative optimization". Instead, we're going to be real with you. The typical marketing agency thing to say is “Hey! We’re not your typical Marketing Agency!” We say that to you, loudly and proudly, “We’ve got our Sorting Hats on! Social Media, Branding, Ad Campaigns, bring anything to us and we’ll find the right place for you! We’ll sort you out”

Contact us to know more. 

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